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Welcome to, a website specialised in hosting the internets largest library of Tokusatsu themed TV Shows! This includes, but definitely isn't limited to: Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Garo and Kikaider! Most shows are subbed by multiple fansub groups, be sure to look! And unlike other sites out there we store everything you see on the website locally, no 3rd party file services, just us. Because of this you can expect fast, reliable downloads with zero advertisements or paywalls. Register now to get downloading!

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Server Changes

If you follow KRDL over on Twitter you'll have seen recently that a new server has been purchased and content the site serves has been split up now. With that comes upgrades for free users! If you haven't noticed already, free users now get 500kbps download speeds instead of the old 300!

With the above change there will be more to announce in the coming weeks!

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