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Tiny Updates & Account Removals!

Hey everyone! Been a while since I've made a proper news post, but still, gonna be real quick here!

First off, updates. KRDL is under active development, I'm fixing small bits throughout the site, refactoring code and adding small features. Most notably recently I've changed URLs for shows and categories, added in the Title premium feature and cleaned up PMs/News comments. Forums are on the way but I'm doing this by hand so I can tailor something perfect for the site. If you have any suggestions for features, let me know in the comments!

On to the account removals! One of the rules at KRDL is that you can only have 1 account, this means you won't take advantage of restrictions and over all all free users will have the same experience. Every body deserves a fair amount of bandwidth :). So with that in mind, here's my second prune (but this time, let's let 'em know!!):

  • DoctorDoctor
  • DoctorDoctorDoctor
  • 00021408
  • jordy925
  • kingglsx

If you made one of these accounts, they're all removed now, but don't let that deter you from KRDL, sometimes we break rules, we get a little selfish, but just remember this site is for all, not just you. So sign up again, keep it to one account, no problem :D.

In future I'll make posts like this just so y'all can see that I'm actively managing accounts that are up to no good. And very quickly, Premium is on "sale" until February 1st, treat yourself! Get some toku, as much as you want, as fast as you can!

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