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Welcome to, a website specialised in hosting the internets largest library of Tokusatsu themed TV Shows! This includes, but definitely isn't limited to: Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Garo and Kikaider! Most shows are subbed by multiple fansub groups, be sure to look! And unlike other sites out there we store everything you see on the website locally, no 3rd party file services, just us. Because of this you can expect fast, reliable downloads with zero advertisements or paywalls. Register now to get downloading!

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KRDL Plans & a few other bits!

Hey everyone! It's been a little while since I've updated KRDL's content due to some drastic changes in my personal life recently. As some of you know my son was born in October of last year and unsurprisingly I've been more busy than ever. Keeping up with work and other commitments has dominated my life more than I would have liked, but I promise I keep an eye on things here!! Things are coming though guys~

KRDL Version 2 is in the works as a few of you know. It's a complete overhaul of what's here currently, with smarter tools, more automation, new features, modern infrastructure and of course a more streamlined interface for you to use. It's not necessarily a complex task, just more time consuming; with how things are at the moment, it's slow going for now. Please expect to see changes within the next few months (I'll work hard, promise :P).

Next up, file updates here. I get emails regularly asking for certain things to be uploaded, some nice, some not-so-nice...and I do read them, I know what needs to be done, it's just a little bit of a mammoth task as it's been left so long! Though OZC-Live has very kindly kept some things updated, thank you dude! You can expect to see updates in the next few weeks.

Lastly, thanks a lot for your patience, thanks for coming back to KRDL and using it regularly and thank you to all those who help out with the server bills, you guys absolutely rule :D.

Feel free to send me a PM or email, I will see them and try to respond ASAP. Thanks guys!

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