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So many updates!

So I have proper slacked in making news posts and yet there have been many changes... I want to make this real quick so just a quick set of bullet points will be below describing changes etc. Before I get to that though:

The forums are live! Click the link above and get posting 8D

Anyway... Onto the updates/changes (if I can remember them all...)

  • Top bar changes, if you're on desktop you won't get PM notifications as a banner, the envelope next to your avatar will flash green when you have a new PM. Neat huh?
  • Front page changes! Look how pretty it is... 8D
  • Forums, as I mentioned up there, they're all up now, go enjoy yourself :)
  • Finally, some small tweaks on download restrictions which now stops people using duplicate accounts, woo!

As always, any questions, concerns, post on the forum, pm me, email me or use twitter, thanks!

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