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About KRDL (initially was created in September of 2011 by me, kamsamnida. KRDL hosts a multitude of Tokusatsu themed TV Shows and Films which are all subtitled in English, totalling over 4TB. Most shows here usually have releases from multiple groups too! Also KRDL is only run by 1 person with a little help from friends in regards to finding rarer shows!

Here is some basic need to know information whilst using KRDL:

  • Free Users are limited to 400kbp/s download speed per file.
  • You may only download 2 files at once as a free user.
  • For newer shows, there is usually both SD and HD files.
  • You may only have 1 account! No multiple accounts.

Technical Info.
KRDL is built using PHP, MySQL, Redis and a few bash scripts. As to prevent any security flaws from being discovered prior to patching, I am not able to divulge exact details like versions used, but if you'd like a little more info then please use the contact form!
How you can help KRDL

If you enjoy using the service provided by KRDL you can help by donating! You can do this by either using the PayPal donate button found in the footer of each page, or, by purchasing KRDL premium.

Also, if you notice that we're missing any shows or files, use the contact form to let me know, maybe you could help me complete our library?