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Me of course...

Hi! I'm kamsamnida, the Administrator of KRDL.moe. I ran the original KRDL.info and now this latest and greatest version!

So then, a little about me... As you can tell from the site, I am a keen Web Developer, skilled in the arts of HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, PHP, .NET, quite a few languages really! But I'm also a skilled (I think!) Systems Administrator. I've worked for companies with large IT infrastructure and am quite capable of managing large networks, Windows Domains and Linux machines also! I guess you could say I have quite the passion for IT...

If there is anything else you would like to know about me or even KRDL, please fire me a private message, or use the contact button. I am always open to any questions or concerns you have and I absolutely love chatting to the users of this here site!

I sincerely hope you enjoy my creation as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

Tokusatsu:  Kamen Rider Build/W/555/OOO/Kabuto, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

TV Shows:  Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, American Gods, Parks and Rec, Sword Art Online, Fate/*

Games:  Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Spiderman 2 PS2, Fable, Pokemon Saphire

Movies:  Anything Studio Ghibli, Summer Wars, Star Wars (all of 'em), most horrors

Hobbies:  Web Development, Server Administration, Listening to Music (Kpop, Hip-Hop, Grime etc.), Watching Anything

What do I do on KRDL?

I program all of KRDL, from creating/maintaining the databases running the site to all the little features, for example, latest downloads on your profile! Over time I plan to expand the services that KRDL provide and hopefully it'll become the community's favourite place to come for their Toku fix and to chat with other fans. I feel the content you can download is only one part of what this site can offer!

If you like what I do here at KRDL and want to see more features (not shows, I do that anyway!) please consider visiting my Patreon, link is below.


My latest downloads
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[MFC]_Kaiketsu_Zubat-_01v2_[A0C0493B].mkv 2 weeks ago
[G.U.I.S.]_Choujuu_Sentai_Liveman_01_[33E8A544].mp4 2 weeks ago
[KITsubs]_-_Akumaizer-3_01_[bda64eb0].mkv 3 weeks ago
[OOO-TAR]_Inazuman_01_[DVD][h264][088A0038].mkv 3 weeks ago
[HnT-TSHS]_Skull_Soldier_[9281DE86].mp4 3 weeks ago