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Summer is close, I'm already burning~

Hey everyone! How're you all doing?

Only a few small things today, as you may have seen, new colour scheme has been applied to the site, plus a few small layout changes. I think it looks quite smart though I'm sure I'll find fault in something sometime...

Also, KRDL now has over 2,200 users! Wow! I didn't see the site getting this large so quickly! And I do believe the site has served up over 130,000 downloads now too. Oh and one more, KRDL now hosts well over 4TB of cold hard Tokusatsu, damn, that's good.

And lastly, live chat is up for you all to take advantage of, get some help, chat with people, whatever you want! Click here to join the fun! Join Discord instead!

Got any suggestions or need some help? There are so many ways, choose whatever, forums, chat, twitter, email, pm, connected~

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