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Dengeki Sentai Changeman


A hostile intergalactic force of aliens known as the Great Star League Gozma has conquered over a hundred planets across the universe. When Earth becomes the league's next target, the Japanese military ends up forming a new branch called the Earth Defense Force as a way to defend the planet from such a threat. Under the command of Commander Ibuki, various rookies enlisted for the Earth Defense Force undergo tough training in order to get enlisted for the newly established branch. The Gozma's first course of action was to lay out an attack on the recruits of the Earth Defense Force in order to weaken the Earth's chance of victory. After a devastated battle, only five of the rookies have survived the Gozma's troops. Grieved with vengeance the recruits refused to step down after being beaten to death. Just then an earthquake occurs and the five rookies ended up gaining the power of Earth Force. Each recruit now has the power of a mythical beast and have form a team together as the ...

YEAR: 1985

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