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Idol x Warrior: Miracle Tunes!


There is a country of music that is a different world to the human world. In this country, there are treasures called the "Sound Jewels" that give powers to whoever owns it. The enemy who plans to conquer the world sees this and leads his poison squad to catch the "Sound Jewels" so that he can rule the country of music. However, his evil powers changed the jewels and they turn into "Negative Jewels" and people who pick it up turn evil. In order to save this, 3 fairies, Poppin, Rocky and Kuronosuke go to the human world and create an idol x warrior unit "Miracle 2" (Miracle Miracle). To save world peace, the girls use the power of the "Sound Jewels" to defeat evil by singing and dancing to purify the "Negative Jewels" back into the "Sound Jewels".

IMDB RATING: 9001/10
YEAR: 2017

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